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By leveraging our life sciences consulting expertise, your team can keep pace with your company’s growth.
Reclaim your time and regain the focus that your business needs to be successful with Full Spectrum Scientific.


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Grant Services

Writing grants and developing granting strategies, so you can gain funding for your innovations.

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Client Engagement

Engaging with existing clients—or helping you reach new ones—to gain traction for your technologies.

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Scientific Projects

Guiding your projects with minimal oversight, so you can easily augment your in-house capabilities.

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Advisory Functions

Providing technical expertise and sound business advice that can allow your company to flourish.

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We serve life sciences companies both big and small.

Whether you are a lean biotech start-up or a well-established business, Full Spectrum Scientific helps you gain measurable customer traction.

We have worked with a wide variety of companies that:

  • Desire grant funding to advance their innovations.
  • Face limited capacity or resources.
  • Require a boost in scientific expertise.
  • Need to gain traction for novel technologies.

Free up time better spent on your core responsibilities when you work with FSS.

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Why choose our life sciences consulting services?

Secure Grant Funding

Engage with Customers

Increase Your Capacity & Flexibility

Enhance Scientific Expertise

Get to know us.

As science consultants, we bring a 25-year history in academia and industry.

Our Founder, Dr. Richard McKay, helped bring multiple products to market, including:

  • GE’s INCell Analyzer
  • The Omnyx Digital Pathology System
  • Advantest’s Terahertz Imaging and Spectroscopy System

The Full Spectrum Scientific team provides a wide range of expertise and easily adapts to your business’ unique needs and goals.

To facilitate your success, we listen carefully so we can deeply understand—and maintain alignment of—both your business and technical objectives.

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