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To develop your technology and bring it to market, funding is essential.

With a wealth of grant funding available, most companies are simply uncertain of where to begin. A grant writing consultant can help them navigate the system.

This is where FSS comes in: We offer skillful research and professional grant proposals. Our founder’s 9 years of experience on grant review panels means we know what reviewers want to see.

With 100+ grants submitted to the NIH, NSF, DoD, and other agencies, our extensive experience in writing life sciences grants is a key advantage to our clients.

Keep reading to compare our grant writing options.

Grant Writing Tiers

Whether you are experienced in grant funding and just do not have the bandwidth, or you are new to the process and do not know where to start, FSS can help.

Explore our levels of bioscience grant writing services. We adapt our services to the amount of support you need. Additionally, we can help secure non-grant funding through investor pitch decks and more.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities, please reach out.

Full Service

When your bandwidth is minimal, we can provide a plug-and-play service, taking care of the grant process from end to end.

Let FSS do the heavy lifting—and provide a seamless experience—for you and your team.

The experts at FSS thrive on the comprehensive planning and execution of your grant proposal, which includes:

  • Grant strategy & research
  • Writing all sections from scratch
  • Management of investigators’ & collaborators’ input
  • Coordination with your grant management office for timely submission
  • Complete administration of the grant writing process from inception to submission

Strategic Advice

You can opt for Strategic Advice alone—or in conjunction with our Read & Critique service.

Our Strategic Advice tier can cover a range of tasks and expertise. We discuss your funding objectives to determine which of these you need:

  • Providing grant writing advice
  • Identifying & scoping your unique goals
  • Locating appropriate funding mechanisms
  • Establishing a comprehensive funding strategy
  • Adjusting a resubmission based on reviewer feedback

Read & Critique

Want to write your proposal yourself? We perform a meticulous review, so you can send it with peace of mind. You can also combine this with our Strategic Advice services.

As we carefully evaluate your grant, you can avoid red flags that our founder, a current NIH SBIR grant reviewer, identifies. You receive:

  • Critique of both structure and content
  • High-level grant strategy feedback
  • Thorough line-by-line review
  • Minor rewrites, if desired

Prepare yourself—and your team—to capture investors’ attention.

Beyond federal and private grants that offer non-dilutive funding, we support your quest for investments.

We will use our experience to optimize your efforts. Ask Full Spectrum Scientific to help with your:

  • Pitch deck
  • Networking at industry events
  • Online marketing to catch investors’ attention

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