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Dr. Richard

Founder & President
Full Spectrum Scientific
Dr. Richard McKay

With an unwavering dedication to excellence and his clients’ success, Dr. McKay leads our scientific consulting firm. From esteemed corporations to burgeoning start-ups, he guides businesses to new levels of performance, efficacy, and scientific innovation.

Serving companies as a freelance scientific consultant, Dr. McKay provides life sciences outsourcing that seamlessly integrates into their sales, marketing, and business development. An expert in bridging the space between customers and technical teams, he emphasizes connecting with clients and commercial perspective.

Dynamic as a leader, mentor, and presenter, Dr. McKay is fluent in engaging others on both a technical and personal level. Able to motivate, organize, and manage teams expertly, he handles multiple projects simultaneously and effectively. Dr. McKay thrives in fast-paced, uncertain, and rapidly changing environments—a propensity that his clients resonate with and appreciate.

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With over 25 years as a life sciences specialist in academic, industry, and government roles, Dr. McKay’s background is extensive and versatile—and fundamental to Full Spectrum Scientific’s success.

Working with our scientific consulting firm goes beyond technical expertise, offering the wisdom and insight of an industry veteran’s vantage point.

Spearheading an International Venture | Advantest

As a Principal Scientist and leader of Advantest’s Terahertz Applications group, Dr. McKay led efforts to gain traction for this unique and relatively unknown technology in the US and Europe.

Working with scientists in a wide variety of disciplines, from pharmaceutical manufacturing to the automotive, aerospace, and semiconductor industries, he helped scientists understand how this technology could solve their problems.

Through a combination of feasibility studies, presentations, publications, patents, and white papers, Dr. McKay’s team helped establish the scientific credibility of the company and raise awareness of the capabilities of terahertz imaging and spectroscopy in a broad range of fields.

Guiding the Future of Digital Pathology | Omnyx

During his tenure as a Principal Scientist and Director of Scientific Affairs Group, Dr. McKay drove the development of Omnyx Pathology Slide Scanner. From proof of concept to beta trials to market, he brought the product through a full development cycle.

To guide the trajectory of digital pathology, Dr. McKay interfaced with key opinion leaders and the FDA during the development of the system, helping gain regulatory approval and driving industry adoption.

Leading and Innovating | GE Healthcare

In the role of Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Richard McKay led programs to develop and validate new high-throughput optical imaging systems. He also developed novel high-throughput fluorescent assays and investigated ultra-sensitive single-molecule detection technologies.

During his five years at GE, Dr. McKay cultivated relationships with pharmaceutical research customers, translating the requirements of end-user biologists to a multidisciplinary design team (engineers, optical scientists, programmers, algorithm developers) to deliver industry-best optical detection and cell analysis systems.

Collaborative Advances and a Novel Assay | Praelux

Working as a Senior Research Scientist for a small biotech, which then became a subsidiary of Amersham Biosciences, Dr. McKay brought a novel fluorescent assay for SNP genotyping to fruition.

Collaborating with the foremost expert in peptide nucleic acid technology, he advanced research into single-molecule SNP and haplotype analysis technologies.

Mission-Critical Innovation on an Accelerated Timeline | Bayer

As a Principal Research Scientist at Bayer, Dr. McKay headed up a group that developed a novel qualitative nucleic acid-based viral pathogen assay.

Not only was this project mission-critical, but the team faced an accelerated deadline. Working well under pressure and with a variety of key players, he successfully coordinated interdepartmental efforts to facilitate the implementation of this assay.

Thanks to their fast-acting development and enactment, Dr. McKay and his team immeasurably increased the safety of the final product – and potentially saved Bayer hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Rigorous R&D in Fluorescence and More | National Institutes of Health

For half a decade at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) as a Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Richard McKay applied his skills to the field of mammalian calcium signaling.

He developed and applied a multi-faceted approach to clone, express, and probe the function of a novel family of calcium channels, using molecular and cell biological, pharmacological and biochemical techniques. To visualize dynamic organelle trafficking, he designed and implemented novel fluorescent assays.

During his tenure there, he established molecular biology as a staple technology in a lab renowned for cell biological and pharmacological approaches to the study of calcium signaling in non-excitable cells.

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